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Health Pursuit

On Fridays (for now I’m starting with Fridays) I’ll post a trivia question based on a fact/idea pertaining to health on my Twitter account @DrMarkKubert.  Whoever provides the first correct response on Twitter is awarded an arbitrary number of points of my choosing (I’ve heard that Google is often a good source for knowledge based trivia).

Please note that points have no redeemable or monetary value – at the time of acknowledgment they are only for fun. What you choose to do with your points is up to you.  Some suggestions:  place them up on the shelf next to your high school track and field or debate team trophies; use them as a badge of pride or bragging amongst your peers or fellow co-workers; mix them in with used coffee grounds and add them to your flower beds as a rich fertilizer.

Stay well, have fun, and let the games begin!

Photo Credit:  Gaetan Lee

One Comment
  1. Excellent! Love this idea. However I have no idea the answer to your first Friday Fun!

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