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About this blog

Patients will often ask about what they can do to help in their recovery and to prevent relapses.  I usually respond by saying –

“There are hundreds of things you could be doing right now to improve your health.  But as it is with many things, it can seem overwhelming.  If, however, you start with just one or two actions, make them a part of your routine and feel good about that, you have a greater chance of continuing to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes”.

And that’s where 200 Steps comes in.  Actually I’m not sure that there are two hundred steps – there may be more and there may be less.  I do know, however, that achieving and sustaining good health is not one thing only, or even just a few.  It doesn’t come in three easy payments or a convenient serving size, and it’s not always quick.  200 Steps is the antithesis to the tempting but often unfulfilling world of instant gratification.  Instead, this blog is for those who believe that sustainable health is something you live – that good health is achieved through awareness, effort, and commitment over time. This blog is a call to action to anyone who wants to know more about how to improve their health one step at a time.

200 Steps is also a work in progress.  The thoughts set out here are based upon my education through personal and clinical experience.  Each step may be an action or just a topic to ponder.  And, as it is with experience, it changes all the time.  So it’s bound to be that at some point I’ll contradict myself, change my mind or miss out on a splling mistake.  My purpose, though, is to be heading down the right path one step at a time.  Also, I’m making no claims in pointing out the best or only answers (more often than not there are just more questions) and I welcome your feedback.  The more of us talking about these issues the better.

One more thing…please note that this blog is for information purposes only and is in no way a substitute for a proper consultation, physical exam, diagnosis or treatment.  If you have a specific health concern, please see a health professional.  I know that you already know this.  I just wanted to make sure.

One of Guelph's newest chiropractors, Dr. Mark KubertAbout me

I’m a chiropractor living in Guelph, Ontario.  I’ve been in practice since 2004 and I like seeing patients get better.  Equally, I like seeing patients take action to make healthy living choices.  More and more I try to incorporate sustainable health habits into my clinical practice with my wife and partner Dr. Julie Gill at Clear Path Chiropractic Health Centre.

During my spare time I like to read, walk and hike, and spend time with family and friends.  I’d like to play the guitar better (but that would take effort, commitment, and time).  If I weren’t a chiropractor in Guelph, I’d be a storm chaser.

I want to like coffee (and beer and wine for that matter).  In fact I often feel like I’m missing out on all the varieties to discover and try and enjoy.  Unfortunately I’ve never developed the taste for them.   I’m okay with tea, though.

Sustainability interests me; especially in dealing with environmental and health issues.  And while I try to live a sustainable healthy life, that too is a work in progress.  I’ve come to understand that we’re all at different stages along the sustainable health continuum.  I try to focus on the positive choices I’ve made while keeping in mind that I have plenty of room for improvement.

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