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Putting a Green Thumb to Health Care

April 4, 2011

Two months ago your friend handed you a plant to revive.  The leaves were yellow-brown and withering.  The soil dry.  Clearly it had been neglected and subject to stresses which gradually wore it down.  But you took up the challenge, placed it on the window sill and began your efforts.  You re-potted it in a foundation of healthy, nourishing soil.  You watered it to keep it from drying out and periodically added plant food.  Given the new conditions the plant flourished and grew, its’ roots taking hold and leaves and blossoms spreading.

Now ask yourself: were you the one that made the plant grow?  Ultimately the answer is no.  The plant had all the information within it to revive.  It knew at what angle the stalk goes up, where the buds for the leaves form and how often to flower.  You imparted none of that information into the plant.  That all lies within its’ own natural makeup.

You did, however, play a pivotal role.  You gave it a healthy environment that met its’ needs.  You facilitated the right conditions for the plant to fully express itself.

The same reasoning can be applied to role of chiropractic, medicine, acupuncture and all other healing professions and modalities. When you are suffering from aches and pains, tight muscles and stiff joints, your body is telling you that the environment it’s in is setting up poor conditions for it to function well.  The physical, chemical and emotional stresses that you expose yourself to on a daily basis affect your body’s performance.  Does applying chiropractic care, using acupuncture or taking a vitamin heal your body?  Or is it that, when used correctly, they help to set up the right environment within so that your body can repair and heal itself?  Reducing the tension and stiffness within your joints and muscles can help free up otherwise wasted energy and enables your body to function at its best.  Once corrected, your body can go from just “hanging on” to using its innate ability to  be strong, relaxed and resilient.

Treat your body well and have faith in its ability to heal and maintain itself.

For more information on how chiropractic care can help you please contact Clear Path Chiropractic Health Centre in downtown Guelph.

Photo Credit:  108dragon

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