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August 24, 2010

Eliminate pain forever –  three quick and easy steps to healthy living –  lose weight without exercise. This is the way health is represented in our media, in our stores and even in our homes.

Many of us know that we’re not practicing good health habits and we can feel the effects.  The momentum we once had as children to actively play, run and laugh has given way to the often hectic momentum of adult life:  a build up of physical, emotional and chemical stresses weighing us down from doing the things we know are good for us.  As a result we’re plagued with daily symptoms of poor health – headaches and back pain; high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes; chronic fatigue and cancer.  Not wanting to give up the little energy we have at day’s end we look to find easy solutions to bring us back to good health:  a new diet, a quick exercise program, the latest pain pill.  The problem, however, isn’t just in how we’re trying to manage these symptoms.  It also lies in the fact that we’re focusing on managing the symptoms instead of addressing the underlying cause and determinants of our health.  Symptoms are important in that they help us recognize that something is wrong with the overall state of our health.  It’s the lifestyle choices we make, however, that play a large part in whether we experience either poor health or good health.

So what are some of these choices?  And what can you do to affect change for the better?  This blog is a response to those questions and an attempt to discover a way to an improved and sustainable health.  Although there are many simple things that you can do to improve your health there is no simple cure or magic pill.  Health isn’t something you fix.  It’s something you live.  And that takes awareness, effort, commitment and time.  I hope we’re all up for that challenge as we look for ways to feel better and stay well.

For more information on health, wellness,  and back pain you can visit Guelph Chiropractors at Clear Path Chiropractic.

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